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best couple friendly strip club in Tucson, AZ?

Hi :) me and my husband are new to the Tucson area and I want to take him to a strip club for his birthday, buy him a few lap dances or whatever, i have never been to a strip club but i've been told some are more "couple friendly" then others, i just want a place with pretty girls and a relaxing atmosphere to show him a good time, any ideas?? CoolMama- because he gets me every night :) I want something special for his birthday asourapple100- LoL thanks, but i actually know a lot of women that go with their boyfriends or husbands to strip clubs, they just dont live in Tucson :)

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2 Responses to “best couple friendly strip club in Tucson, AZ?”

  1. Coolmama says:

    Why don’t you just strip for him?

  2. asourapple100 says:

    I don’t live in, nor have I ever been to, Arizona, but I just had to say, you must be the best wife EVER!

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